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Future Leaders FAQ's

You are here because you’ve heard about Future Leaders and you’re keen to explore what this program is all about, but still have a few questions?


Read through the following and if you’re not quite ready to put your hand up and still have a few questions floating around drop us an email at:

Who is Future Leaders for?

Anyone who works in the Australian grape and wine sector.


That’s it.


The success of Future Leaders is the diversity of the participants. This is a program where we encourage and champion the winemakers mixing with the wine marketers; where the young mingle with the young at heart; where the only thing you’ll need to share is an ambition and openness to learn (oh, and you already work in the sector).


If you’re reading this, it’s likely this program is for you.

Who is Future Leaders not for?

Anyone who doesn’t work in the Australian grape and wine sector (sorry, it’s not personal).

What if i’m not a leader?

This program is about fostering world-class leadership qualities regardless of your current role or title …
or age!


Those already in a leadership position will be challenged to grow, those not currently in a leadership role will be guided with skills that will serve them now and into the future.


If you are in a role where you influence other people, influence customers or if you wish to have a greater influence across the sector more broadly then you’ll reap the many benefits from this program.

Isn’t this program more for technical winemakers?

No. It’s for anyone who works in the sector.


The future success of the Australian grape and wine sector is having a diversity of voices collaborating together, strengthening their skills, and cross-pollinating success. That’s what this program is creating.


Our alumni are made up of winemakers, scientists, sommeliers, marketers, viticulturists, administrators, researchers, exporters, business owners and more.

I’m not so sure about a leadership program, will we have to do role-plays, and watch old John Cleese videos?

Never. Ever. (Promise).


Through Future Leaders you’ll be exposed to the latest research on leadership skills, hear from sector and thought leading experts, and be given practical skills to put into place immediately.

This program is world-class.

What qualities are you looking for in the successful applicants?

An inquisitive mind, enthusiasm and an openness to exploration. You bring those and we’ll provide the rest.

If qualities such as self-awareness, communication, influence and learning agility matter to you, then this is the leadership program for you.

What will it cost me?

The program is fully funded by the grape and wine sector through research levies administered and managed by Wine Australia.

Participants are expected to fund their own travel and accommodation costs, as required (accommodation is covered at the first session). This will vary depending on your location. Catering during program sessions is covered but evening meals are not covered by the program.

Who decides on placements offered?

Wine Australia convenes a selection panel with representatives from Wine Australia, Australian Grape & Wine and Future Leaders alumni. They’ve got a tough job ahead of them – we can only accept 15 into the program.

What are the program delivery dates for 2023?

All participants will need to confirm their willingness and availability to attend all sessions.  Additional time beyond these dates is also required for associated activities and coaching.


  • Wednesday 7 - Friday 9 June (Northern NSW)

  • Wednesday 5 - Friday 7 July (Victoria) 

  • Wednesday 9 August (virtual)

  • Tuesday 12 - Wednesday 13 September (South Australia)

  • Wednesday 18 - Thursday 19 October (South Australia)

  • Thursday 9 - Friday 10 November * (South Australia)

* date change as at 3 Feb, previously advertised as Wednesday 15 - Thursday 16 November​

How do I apply?

Want to take part in the Wine Future Leaders program?


Applications for the next round of the program open on 30 January 2023, and close 17 March 2023.


The application process does require you to put yourself into the picture – literally. Yes, you will need to submit a short video of yourself. This is a competitive process and we’re expecting more than 100 applications; so what makes it easier for us is you putting your best forward.

Go to the Apply tab at the top of the page if you're ready to be next.

COVID safe

We appreciate there is still a level of uncertainty around the impact of COVID, and the risks vary for individuals. Our first priority will be the health and well-being of everyone in and associated with the program. Government guidelines, both federal and state-based, will inform the requirements and measures we need to take. Please be assured that we will follow the health and safety measures required during our face-to-face sessions. There will be additional support for participants who miss sessions as a result of health issues.  

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