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Future Leaders takes place every other year.
Applications will open in January 2023.
If you would like to be notified when applications open please email research@wineaustralia.com.

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Future Leaders program

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Future Leaders is a professional and personal development program that creates a network of confident, committed individuals who will “be next” and contribute to the future success of the Australian wine community.

Funded by the sector and coordinated by Wine Australia, Future Leaders is a biennial program offered to applicants with open, creative, inquisitive minds who are early to mid-career and already demonstrating leadership potential.

Since 2006 there have been 122 Future Leaders graduates. Many have taken roles at regional wine and grape grower associations and some have also been appointed to national committees and boards.


Catherine Kidman

This program challenged and shaped me to be an inspired future leader very much upskilled, ready and excited for the future of the wine sector and my role within it.


Andy Clarke

Future Leaders has been an amazing program. It has challenged me in ways I did not expect, creating a better, more rounded individual and leader. I couldn’t recommend highly enough.


Jess Chrcek

An invaluable experience which opened my eyes to how to better develop myself both personally and professionally.