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'About Future Leaders 2021'


Friday 19 February 2021
11.30am (QLD) 12.30pm (NSW, ACT & VIC) 12.00pm (SA)
Duration 45 minutes
To register please


Are you considering applying for the Future Leaders program?

You've heard amazing rumours about the program
but would like to know more?

You've applied previously but were unsuccessful -  now you're wanting to reapply and strengthen your chances?

Regardless of your awareness of, interest in and connection with the Future Leaders program, we’re hosting a free information webinar to help you decide if the program is right for you.


In this webinar we’ll lift the lid on all things Future Leaders, from the content and experiences to the expected outcomes of our flagship leadership development program. We’ll give you an overview of the program and what you can expect from it and create a space for Q&A so you can get clearer about the program. You’ll meet some of our Alumni and hear about their experiences and be able to ask questions about everything from logistics to learning.


We’ll also talk about the application process, common mistakes and how you can submit your application to give you the best chance of gaining a place on this highly coveted learning program.


So register, tap someone on the shoulder, pour yourself a glass and jump on

because you’ve watched everything there is to watch on Netflix over the holiday period.

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