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Line up all your grapes before you get started.

This application has three sections and all sections need to be completed at the one time.


You are not able to save your progress and come back to it at another time,
so it is important to be prepared.

What you need for your application: 

1. Application questions - Section one asks you to complete the questions in the form below. You will be asked to provide contact details of two referees so make sure you have these lined up before you apply. 

2. Upload your CV - Section two asks you to upload your CV. Make sure you have this up to date and ready to upload. File formats supported are PDF or Word documents. 

3. Record and upload a video - Section three requires you to upload a video* (of up to 3 minutes duration) telling us what you want your impact on the wine sector to be. This doesn't have to be a full Tom Hanks academy award winning movie production, simply record yourself on your mobile phone or computer (in the vineyard, winery, research lab or living room - we don’t mind where or how - just be yourself).

* What is this for? Glad you asked!

Interaction creates connection. We can't meet all of you in person but we can use technology to do the next best thing. Your video will be seen by the industry-led selection panel - take the opportunity to connect and show them your aspiration.   

When you are ready to submit all three sections of the application, start with the form below.



So long as it’s before midnight. Don’t leave it till the last minute!


Ready to get into it? We can't wait to receive your application. 

When you have everything ready, start by filling in the form below. 

Section One

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